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Processes & manufacturing

Liras is a company with a long and affirmed track record in the processing of plastic materials.

High-performance processing.

Thanks to the high level of specialisation of our staff and latest-generation machinery, we can perform all plastic material processing internally, ensuring the entire sampling and production processes are controlled and quality standards are high.


The particular moulding technique developed over the years, which differs from standard thermoforming techniques, allows for the creation of complex forms from flat sheets while preserving the optical and aesthetic qualities of the raw material
. This innovative process guarantees constant component thickness.

The above allows us to ensure full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

termoformatura calotte
taglio laser

Laser cut

Laser (2D and 3D) technology offers maximum precision, flexibility, speed, and optimum finishing of plastic surfaces including flat (such as Plexiglas sheets) and complex forms (such as curved and elaborated parts).

The characteristics of a clean, continuous cut, with a polished edge, ensure a finished product of the highest quality and allow for perfect plastic processing.

taglio laser


In the processing of plastic materials, numeric control milling allows mechanical roughing and finishing processes on molded pieces with flat, curved or complex shapes made of methacrylate plexiglass, abs or other materials.
fresatura plexiglass
Lavorazioni antigraffio e antiappannamento alle lastre in policarbonato e plexiglass
incollaggio materie plastiche

Glueing and finishing

Finishing and glueing technologies are used by LIRAS to form plastic materials and build finished objects made of plexiglass, ABS, or other plastic materials.

LIRAS uses ultrasound bonding technologies, with solvent-based adhesive and UV glue.

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