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Technique & Quality

High-performance thermoforming and top-of-the-range surface treatments.

Our objective
customize processes for every customer need.

We transform plastic panels made of polycarbonate, plexiglass, polystyrene, and ABS, into components for:
Our forming service ensures important functional advantages thanks to the characteristics of the materials used, the cutting-edge systems and the expertise developed over the years.
Lavorazione ottica plexiglass
termoformatura liras optical

It isn’t standard thermoforming.

LIRAS OPTICAL can give flat sheets even complex forms without alteringthe optical and aesthetic qualities of the material, preserving the thickness required by the project.

This guarantees excellent optical performance even to lightweight components.

Our special applications guarantee enhanced anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-frost properties to both flat and Transparent components with very complex curvature.

Moreover, we can support our customers with the design and co-design of the products and tools needed to optimize each phase of the production process.

tracciabilità prodotto liras

Process control and material traceability

During each stage of the production process, quality controls are carried out on materials and equipment to ensure the highest quality of our components. We also guarantee the traceability of each material and work cycle for each of our finished products.

controllo ottico

Optical testing

Through the use of special tools and in compliance with regulations in the aeronautical and automotive fields such as ECE R43

reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering

Through 3D-scanning technology, we can reconstruct the 3D CAD of any component by digitising the real object directly.

This allows us to replicate components and spare parts without associated drawings or geometric information.

controllo dimensionale 3d

3D Dimensional Control

Both during the sampling and the production phases, we perform dimensional controls with certified 3D measuring instruments.

Further to the usual dimensional control with colour maps or dimension measurements on the drawing, we can Simulate component assembly on the CAD directly or the 3D scanning of the vehicle.

Enhanced transparency of curved angles.

High-level aesthetics

Excellent optical quality.

Forming and treatment of sheets up to 6,000 x 2,000 millimeters


Our surface treatment system, among the largest in Italy, allows us to manage production invery short timeframes.


Transparent polycarbonate components with hard coating, anti-fog, and anti-frost treatments make our products very light, durable, and ideal for applications in the Racing, Automotive, Nautical, Aerospace, Ultralight aircraft, Truck, and Work machinery sectors.

Liras Optical can bend sheets up to 6,000 x 2,000 mm and perform treatments on flat or curved sheets up to 3,000 x 2,000 mm.

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