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trattamenti antiappannamento

Anti-fog treatment

The anti- fog treatment consists in the application of a special resin to the internal surface of a part. It is also known as ANTI-FOG TREATMENT and prevents steam condensation effectively.

Micro-wire heating sistems

Micro-wire heating systems

This application is used for multilayered details: a set of tungsten filaments with a thickness of a few microns (almost imperceptible), are interposed between layers and current is conducted by some busbars, sized and powered for various voltages.
This technology combines anti-frost and anti-fog properties.

serigrafia automatica

Automatic screen printing

LIRAS OPTICAL’s new screen-printing department can automatically print panels of any colour and weft up to 1,250 X 2,300 mm.
This high-capacity production system helps to optimize the whole production process and gives reliable supply to other internal departmens guaranteeing high-capacity and faster production.


Autoclave lamination

The autoclave lamination is a special processing that consist in joining different layers of material maintaining the optical and transparency characteristics while enhancing the mechanical characteristics of the products.

hard coating di finestrino in plexiglass

Hard coating

Improvement of the plastic material surfaces.
Through the application of particular resins inside a clean room with controlled humidity and temperature, the mechanical properties of the component surface are enhanced, and the optical and aesthetic characteristics are preserved. These surface treatments can be applied to both flat and formed components with dimensions up to 3x2 meters.

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