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Liras is a company with a long and affirmed experience in plastics processing.

Founded 60 years ago, LIRAS has expanded its business sectors and increased its production capacity in compliance with the ISO 9001 certification.

Our objective

The core business of our OPTICAL division is the design and production of plastic components for the automotive, maritime, and aeronautical sectors.

Our customers appreciate our customized products. By sharing requirements and production specifications, LIRAS OPTICAL can offer a co-design service to ensure the highest functionality and quality of all components.

These are just some of our numbers. This is Liras Optical!

LIRAS is an Eco-Friendly company that respects the planet by independently producing all its energy needs, minimizing the environmental impact.
Lavorazione plexiglass avanzata

Our strengths

Highly qualified staff and ongoing investment in leading-edge technology, research and development are the keys to our continued success and competitiveness.

To further improve our production flow and product quality, increasingly essential in the automotive, aeronautical and maritime sectors, LIRAS‘ production layout is logically arranged to ensure the optimisation of every process and maximum productivity of our OPTICAL division.

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Liras can provide solutions and applications that guarantee anti-scratch and anti-fog properties for polycarbonate and plexiglass sheets.

Thanks to the exclusive use of special high-quality materials and moulding processes, we can create very complex forms with optimal transparency and high optical quality.

Over 20,000 sq. meters of production area and raw material warehouse, more than 50 employees and customers including some of the most renowned names in the motorsport, aeronautical, maritime, and heavy equipment fields.

With 60 years of history, over 50 employees and continuous investments in new technologies, LIRAS collaborates with the most important companies in motorsport, aeronautics, boating and heavy equipment.

These are just some of our numbers. This is Liras Optical!

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Lavorazioni antigraffio e antiappannamento alle lastre in policarbonato e plexiglass