Processing of components in polycarbonate and acrylic

pannelli policarbonato aerei ultraleggeri

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Processing of plastic materials

Liras has over 60 years of experience in the processing of plastic materials. Highly skilled staff and outstanding technological expertise are the foundation for the new specialised division.

Thanks to innovative technologies and spacious new facilities dedicated to special processes, Liras offers solutions and applications which guarantee anti-scratch and anti-fog properties for polycarbonate and plexiglass sheets. Furthermore, thanks to the exclusive use of high optical quality material, the sheets are formed with maximum optical transparency and quality.


Our application sectors

A constant commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction

Our forming services at Liras Optical are distinguished by their significant functional benefits, derived from the unique properties of the materials we utilize, our advanced technological systems, and the extensive expertise we’ve cultivated over many years. Our unwavering dedication to innovation, uncompromising quality, and the fulfillment of customer expectations positions us as the premier choice for a diverse range of plastic solutions. Whether you’re seeking specialized plastic panels, intricate polycarbonate components, bespoke plexiglass pieces, versatile polystyrene items, or durable ABS components, we have the capability and experience to meet and exceed your specific needs.

Automotive sector

Automotive sector

Experience high transparency, lightness, and special treatments like anti-fog and anti-scratch in automotive glazing

Motorsport Industry

Lightweight properties and specialized treatments such as anti-fog and anti-scratch for motorsport visors and components

Lighting Solutions Secotr

Lighting solutions

Unmatched transparency and brilliance, enhanced with anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments for innovative lighting applications

Aviation and Aerospace

Superior transparency, lightweight design, and advanced treatments like anti-fog and anti-scratch for aviation and aerospace components

Maritime industry

Achieve crystal-clear visibility, reduced weight, and essential treatments like anti-fog and anti-scratch for maritime applications

Industrial Vehicles

Discover enhanced clarity, lightness, and vital treatments such as anti-fog and anti-scratch for robust industrial vehicle components



Plastic surface treatment processes

Liras Optical excels in offering a variety of sophisticated plastic surface treatment processes, each tailored to improve the functionality, longevity, and visual attractiveness of plastic components. Our portfolio of cutting-edge treatments encompasses Anti-Fog Treatment, Micro-Wire Heating Systems, Precision Automatic Screen Printing, Advanced Autoclave Lamination, and Protective Hard Coating.

We carefully craft each process to align with the unique requirements of our varied customer base, guaranteeing that every item we produce adheres to the utmost standards of excellence in both quality and functionality


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