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Processing of components in polycarbonate and acrylic

pannelli policarbonato aerei ultraleggeri

Innovation starts with light

Optimal performance

Implementing special processes and technologies,
including those in the field of anti-fog and anti-frost, allows us to produce parts with high optical and aesthetic
quality together with high abrasion resistance.

Application sectors




Vintage cars




Heavy equipment

Significant expertise for significant projects

Liras has over 60 years of experience in the processing of plastic materials. Highly skilled staff and outstanding technological expertise are the foundation for the new specialised LIRAS OPTICAL division.

Thanks to innovative technologies and spacious new facilities dedicated to special processes, Liras offers solutions and applications which guarantee anti-scratch and anti-fog properties for polycarbonate and plexiglass sheets. Furthermore, thanks to the exclusive use of high optical quality material, the sheets are formed with maximum optical transparency and quality.


Technique & quality

Top-of-the-range standard

We are specialized in transforming plastic material panels, such as polycarbonate, plexiglass, polystyrene and ABS, into high performance components.

policarbonato elicottero ultraleggero
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parabrezza aero ultraleggera
parabrezza moto racing
lavorazioni in plexiglass per macchine agricole

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