Transparent panels for earthmoving equipment

Open new horizons of durability and safety in the earthmoving sector with Liras Optical’s polycarbonate control cabin transparent panels.

Our state-of-the-art polycarbonate transparent panels are designed for the most critical environments, providing unparalleled protection and transparency.


Why Choose Liras Optical Polycarbonate Transparent Panels?

Superior Protection: Our transparent panels are made from a special polycarbonate that offers impact resistance approximately 200 times greater than traditional glass. This ensures maximum safety for operators during the most intensive operations.

Climate Control and Noise Reduction: The unique properties of our polycarbonate solutions help insulate the operator from noise and temperature fluctuations.

Easy Installation: Designed to be mounted directly on the assembly line, our windshields can include third-party elements such as metal inserts, frames, or sensors.

Certifications: Liras Optical transparent panels meet the highest standards of quality and safety, being approved for road use.


Scratch Resistant: Our windshields are treated with a special scratch-resistant resin. This advanced coating ensures excellent transparency and long-term aesthetic durability, even in the most extreme conditions.

UV Protection and IR Filters: All our transparent panels are equipped with UV protection to prevent material degradation during sun exposure. Additionally, we produce transparent panels with special IR filters to reduce heat inside the cabin.

– Weight Savings: Polycarbonate offers a 50% weight reduction compared to glass, improving vehicle efficiency and performance.