Advanced motorcycle plastic components

Liras Optical is highly specialized in the design and development of plastic components for motorcycles.

Motorcycle mirrors from Liras Optical are not just reflective surfaces; they are vital tools for rider safety and situational awareness. Crafted with precision, our mirrors incorporate advanced anti-scratch and anti-fog technologies. This ensures riders have clear, unobstructed views in all riding conditions. The durability of these mirrors means they withstand the rigors of the road, making them a reliable component in any rider’s journey.


Motorcycle windshield

The motorcycle windshield is a critical component for rider protection and comfort. At Liras Optical, we understand this and offer windshields made from materials like polycarbonate motorcycle windshield, acrylic motorcycle windshield, and lexan motorcycle windshield.


Motorcycle materials

Motorcycle materials are chosen for their strength, optical clarity, and resistance to impact and weathering. Our windshields not only protect riders from environmental elements and road debris but also enhance the motorcycle’s overall aesthetics. The integration of motorcycle glazing and polycarbonate wind deflectors further improves rider comfort, making long journeys more enjoyable