High-quality marine plastic components

Liras Optical stands at the forefront of marine innovation, specializing in the design and development of plastic components for the nautical industry

With over 60 years of experience in the plastics sector, we offer unparalleled solutions for marine glass, including plexiglass boat windshields, acrylic boat windshields, perspex boat windows, and lexan boat windshields.


Plexiglass boat windshield: clarity and resilience

Plexiglass boat windshields are a marvel of marine engineering, blending unparalleled clarity.

These windshields, including curved plexiglass boat windshields and plexiglass center console boat windshields, are designed to withstand the rigorous marine environment. Their scratch-resistant and anti-fog properties ensure clear visibility, crucial for safe navigation.


Acrylic boat windshield: superior visibility and durability

Acrylic boat windshields stand out for their extraordinary durability and superior visibility.

The acrylic windshield for boats is crafted to endure the elements while maintaining exceptional optical clarity. Liras Optical enhances these windshields with cutting-edge protective coatings, ensuring unmatched safety at sea.