Polycarbonate Car Components

Liras Optical is a leading provider of polycarbonate and acrylic car components for the automotive industry.

With a focus on quality, innovation, and performance, our products are designed to meet the unique needs of various automotive applications. Liras Optical offers thermoformed plastic inserts with a wide spectrum of colors and shapes and gives the possibility to customize these inserts to match your brand’s identity, vehicle design, or specific project requirements.


Headlight Covers

Our polycarbonate headlight covers are crafted with precision, utilizing advanced materials and technologies.

The use of polycarbonate ensures high transparency, durability, and resistance to environmental factors, making our headlight covers a preferred choice for automotive manufacturers. Front/rear headlight covers – different colours, complex forms.


Engine Covers

We offer innovative polycarbonate engine covers designed for performance and aesthetics.

The use of polycarbonate in engine covers provides a lightweight solution without compromising strength and functionality. Our engine covers are tailored to various specifications and requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for different vehicle models, durability, and resistance to high temperatures.